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Corporation membership is for any business that is a corporation that operates in more than one location or is a franchise.

Professional memberships are for businesses and individuals that operate in a professional setting.  Examples include; lawyers, doctors, financial advisors, insurance, real-estate , and banking.

Retail memberships are for any business that is operating a retail establishment.  This may include; local store fronts, retail from home, restaurants, and anyone that does the majority of their business selling items subject to sales tax.  This does not include multi-location chain stores/restaurants.

Service membership includes businesses that provide a specific service.  Examples include; plumbers, electricians, HVAC, pest control, contractors. salons. etc.

Individual memberships are for anyone that wants to be part of the Chamber but may not be associated to a business membership.

Organization membership is for any organization that holds a valid 501(c) permit from the IRS.

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